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TEKLA An Urban
Winter's Tale

This book chronicles an urban winter’s excursion colored by memories of the restaurants and places frequented by a charismatic and eccentric lifelong inhabitant of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About the Author Thom Huerth

Thom Huerth is a gifted storyteller with a profound appreciation for urban life and its complexities. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the essence of people and places, Huerth’s writing invites readers to immerse themselves in the intricate fabric of the human experience.

In “Tekla: An Urban Winter’s Tale,” Huerth’s latest work, he skillfully portrays the charismatic and enigmatic personality of Tekla, a lifelong resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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New Book Release: “Tekla: An Urban Winter’s Tale"

A fresh and captivating narrative awaits readers as author Thom Huerth presents his latest literary creation, “Tekla: An Urban Winter’s Tale.” This compelling book paints a vivid picture of urban winter life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while offering a rich tapestry of memories, eccentric personalities, and unforgettable social interactions.

Book Reviews

Thom Huerth's "Tekla: An Urban Winter's Tale" is a captivating journey through Minneapolis. The author's storytelling brings Tekla to life, a charismatic figure with a unique approach to social interactions. This book is a heartwarming exploration of human connections, making it a must-read for those seeking a thought-provoking tale.
Cathy Davis
"Tekla: An Urban Winter's Tale" is a literary gem by Thom Huerth. The story introduces us to Tekla, an eccentric personality, and beautifully portrays the urban landscape of Minneapolis. It's a captivating and enlightening journey celebrating unexpected friendships and the beauty of human connections.
Jasmine Annette Dorn
Thom Huerth's "Tekla: An Urban Winter's Tale" is a page-turner filled with captivating characters and heartwarming storytelling. It's a perfect blend of humor, emotion, and wisdom, offering surprising insights and enchantment. This tale lingers in your thoughts, a testament to the power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit. A cherished read for years to come.
Don Haines

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